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By studio One, May 17 2017 08:42PM

Today we are given many choices for kitchen or bath countertops. The first item to consider is how exposed will this top be to chemicals which can damage it's finish ? If we are selcting for a lovely piece of furniture which will be in the foyer , for instance, then a delicate marble with beautiful coloration is fine. It will last for a hundred years as some antiques have.

But now we are focusing on kitchens and baths.

Baths are exposed to perfumes, nail polish removers, harsh chemicals for cleaning purposes. all of these will dull a shiny finish and possibly stain same. Our recommendation here is man made quartz.

natural quartz is still susceptble but the man made variety is indestructible. Or relatively so compared to anything else. Today there are many companies with incredible finishes which rival the beauty of natural stone. One can select a marble look such as Carrara and yet never fear damage in this environment. Some of the more exciting brands are Cambria, Ceaserstone, Silestone.

Don't consider Corian or some such synthetics as they craze and stain and yet are in the same price points. They are also very artificial looking and offer no esthetic value.

Kitchens are next. Here we can look at the same quartz but also open to us are granites, onyx, marbles, and schist. To name a few. Natural food products are much kinder to stone tops than the chemicals of a bath. Be careful with cleaning products. Best to use natural cleaners which preserve the shine of the stone and do not leave a toxic residue for food . Therefore in this room choices are ample. Again decide the level of use. In my grndmother's home in italy it was marble and wonderful to roll out pasta dough and the like. Spain had most of their condos with carrara when I visited a few years ago. sometimes the shine diminishes but much like new silver that gets a patina. it is quite attractive. Less artificial looking. Indian and Brazilian granites are the most exotic. The importer of slabs can guide you with pricing as well as density of the material.

By studio One, May 16 2017 03:52PM

I just watched a video of a kitchen redo on Houzz and was prompted to write this blog. Shocking that a site so well frequented would give such erroneous advice . Tear out all and replace in the same configuration which was horrendous !? certainly not ! Step up microwave ? was this a joke?

left handed faucet? tight entrance ? Mistake after mistake

First take measurements and draw out perimeter. Then draw out your traffic patterns as each home has different usage for the space and surrunding areas. Now you can draw in appliances and cabinetry. If you feel that this is over your skill aptitude, then find an expert. This is a very costly room to accomplish and mistakes are not easily remedied.

Our site is an option as we take your measurements and give you optimum design. You can then take to any local dealer to accomplish or you have the ability to order through our site . Your choice.

But the most important is design it right !

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